Animal Sounds – Another Fun Feature Introduced by Google

Google Animal Sound in Search

Google never fails to amuse me. They are always trying new things and doing experiments with their existing products. Sometimes, they do unexpected like announcing Android N before I/O developer conference which was due in 2 months, and sometimes they just put a small Easter egg in their products such fun fact search in Google.

Animal Sounds in Google Search

This time, they have added a new feature dubbed "Animal Sounds". This means now you can hear animal sounds with their pictures in Google Search.

Google Animal Sound in Search

All you have to do is search "Animal Sounds" in Google search. The result page after searching has images of different animals with a speaker icon beside them.

When you click on the speaker icon you can actually hear the sound of that animal. If you want to hear the sound of any specific animal such as dog or cat then you can directly search for their voices too. For example, you can search for "Cat sound" or "what sound a cat sound makes".

Currently, the feature supports 19 animals in total. The list includes tiger, lion, elephant, zebra, ape, sheep, duck, rooster, turkey, owl, cat, pig, cow, dog, moose, raccoon, horse, humpback whale, bowhead, and whale.

Google is using MP3 files for illustrating animal sounds. Therefore, it works only on modern browsers, both in mobile and desktop version of the search engine.

Animal sound in mobile

You can also find all the MP3 files used for this feature at: (replace the animal name with the animal voice you are looking for. For example – )

This feature has already become a point of discussion between people. They are discussing its possible use in primary schools to teach kids about different animal sounds in real time. It is said that the sounds are recorded from real animals.

The feature was set to be released back in January but for some reason, they added it in March. There was no official announcement made for this. The news broke after a Google+ post was published regarding this feature by Google Australia.

Via – Mashable

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