Where are Google Search Settings or Preferences?


Recently Google did complete makeover of their search page. Now, it has bigger search box with larger fonts for more search suggestions. Google’s core business is search and they are very serious about simplicity and user behavior.

Of late, I wanted to change some Google search settings. As usual, I tried to look for preferences near the search box. For years, it has been present there and it was very convenient to change options in search settings. Now, it was not there and I was struggling and cursing the changes. Changes are always hard to digest. Finally, I figured out that Google preferences were changed by name Search settings and relocated to the right hand side of the search page.

Google Search Settings

Probably, only small fraction of internet users use Google search settings as by default settings provided by Google gives fantastic results. Therefore, no one thinks to change them. Nevertheless, if you have to change some specific settings like to show 20 or more search results or open search results in a new browser window then you can do it from Gear icon on top right > Search Settings.

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I recently switched over to Google Chrome and in the main am very pleased with the speed and functionality of it. Unfortunately though as I can no longer turn off the Google search settings and save them I will be returning to Firefox until such times as this function is made available.

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