The Most Popular Google addon for Firefox – Google Preview

Good things are always popular and popular things can be trusted. GooglePreview is one such Firefox addon, which is immensely popular with 6,50,000+ downloads and rated 5 out of 5 by many users.

GooglePreview, simplifies your search results by adding images next to the websites. The only annoyance of this add-on is that it sometimes inserts sponsored links at search results. However, you can easily disable them. Moreover, this add-on also adds popularity ranks besides websites, which helps you to choose wise results.


Features of Google Preview Firefox Addon :

  • Inserts thumbnails (images) of the websites into the Search Results.
  • Works with both Google and Yahoo results. (Bing Support is yet to come)
  • Easy to disable and Enable by clicking n the GP icon at (bottom right corner) status bar.
  • Adds popularity ranks nest to the websites.
  • Great for the website you were looking for but could not remember the name.

GooglePreview helps to preview the content of a website before visiting thus saving your time. Furthermore, you can check the website for spam through preview images and so you don’t end up at wrong address.[Download]

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Filed under Google Tricks. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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