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Google has become synonymous to search and was added as a verb by Oxford English dictionary in 2006. In this category we write about various life hacks that that you can do with search and post updates from Google as the company.

Get Google Search Results Without Being Tracked

Take your online security to next level with anonymous Google search through StartPage. The results are similar to Google sans any identifying formation.  

Google’s VirusTotal Service Lets You Scan Your Files on Almost 40 Different Platforms

Even with the vast variety of virus protection tools available in the market, you cannot be sure and there is nothing to crosscheck. Virus Total is a free service from Google that will scan the files online for viruses, trojan and all kind of malware. 

Google’s Free Power Searching Course Recommencing on Feb 8th

Improve your search skills that can save you a ton of time with free power searching course from Google itself. Next batch starting on 8th Feb. 

How to Find Which Sites and Devices are Using Your Google Account

Secure your account by keeping a tab on who is accessing your Google account. 

Enable 2 Factor Authentication to Secure your Google Account

Learn how to enable dual layer of security to your Google account with 2 Factor Authentication. Your online data remains more safe and secure with one time verification passwords. 

Best Reverse Image Search Engines Besides Google

The list of best Reverse Image Search Engines other than Google Images to find images using an image or URLs from the image to check for duplicates

How to find Position of a Website in Google Search Results

Learn to find Google search results position of any website for the selected keywords.

Google’s Primer App to Learn Digital Marketing

Learn and develop digital skills using Google Primer - an app developed for educate users in a simple and efficient way.

Authy: A Better Replacement for Google Authenticator

In quest for better security, we compared the two apps providing 2 Factor Authentication - Google Authenticator and Authy on parameters of convenience and safety.

Google is Sending Out Cool Gifts for Project Fi Users

As the tradition goes, Google is is celebrating this holiday season by sending surprise gifts to its users. This year, it is for Project Fi supporters.

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