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Google has become synonymous to search and was added as a verb by Oxford English dictionary in 2006. In this category we write about various life hacks that that you can do with search and post updates from Google as the company.

Know What Google Knows About You

A list of useful links to check what data you are giving to Google and learn how to manage what Google knows about you.

Why Chrome OS and Android Will Survive Together

Google has its interest keeping both the operating system alive so it can capture the future, in whatever shape it may form. Laptops with Android are a distant possibility.

“Who’s Down” – A New App to Hangout with Friends from Google

Google secretly launches out it's new app 'Who's Down' to hangout with your friends. Available for android and iOS users.

Automatically Load Next Google Search Results Page

Ever wanted infinite scroll with Google results? Now automatically load next page and find deeper results within Google search.

Translate Text Directly in WhatsApp and Other Android Apps

Translate any text within any app with the new Google Translate just by text selection. But you will need latest Android Marshmallow for it to work.

“India In a Day” – A Crowdsourced Google Documentary

Google invites videos from anyone for its new crowd sourced campaign - India in a Day which will be produced by reputed British filmmaker Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap.

Doodle4Google Contest 2015 For School Students in India

Google organizes another doodle drawing contest for school children in India. The winning doodle will be featured on Google India's home page on 19th November.

Gluru – The Business Alternative of Google Now

Consider Gluru as Google Now alternative as it intelligently shows you files, contacts, emails and meetings just when you need them. It also joins all your online accounts to one single interface.

“Fun Fact” Easter Egg for Google Search

Try these new easter eggs from Google to kill your boredom. Google has started understanding what counts as smart fact and now displays them when you search for the keyword "fun fact".

Please Don’t Dump All Your Images in Google Photos

The new Google Photos app offers unlimited storage but it is not a worthy backup service of your images. It is feature rich but sometimes it is better to wait and watch.

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