Text Formatting in Google Talk

Most instant messengers are very user friendly. They have a toolbar to format your text into different fonts, colors and sizes. You can also convert your important text into bold, italicized or underlined.

Google talk provides some basic features but unexpectedly few things are hidden. I have already told you about hidden emoticons (smileys) in Gtalk and now I will tell you about hidden text formatting techniques in Gtalk.

This feature can be used in both google talk and Gmail embedded chat.

– To type your message in bold, encapsulate it in asterisks (*).

Text before :
google talk trickText after :
google talk hacks
– To italicize any word, write it between two underscores (_).

Text before :
google talk tweaksText after :
gtalk new feature
– Use combination of asterisk(*) and underscore(_) to create a dual bold italicized effect.

Text before :

Text after :

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