What is “Sort by Magic” in Google Reader?


If you are a Google reader addict, then you must have observed “sort by magic” setting for individual feeds or folders. And if you haven’t, then it is time to find out. This magical option lets you discover new items and personalize your reading habits. You can find it under “feed settings” at the top of any feed.

What does this “Sort by magic” actually do?

Option to sort magically in feed settings

In simple terms, it ranks the feed items according to your likeness. The more prominent question here is – how does it know your likeness?

The answer is your past activities inside reader.

Over a long period of time, if you have allowed Google to collect your history, it knows what fields you are interested in and recommends you the same in explore section. (Delete Google history)

Find whats traling on internet of your interest.

Similarly, your activities like which feeds you check the most and which you haven’t touched help reader decide feed rankings when sorted by magic.

Sometimes the results aren’t aren’t up to expectations. To utilize full power of Google’s magic algorithm, you will have to Like and Share few posts. Then only it will understand your likeness and interests.

When to use “Sort by magic”?

This option can be used in situations with strict time restrictions or for a gazing over your favourite feeds. Alternatively, its very useful for finding your loved feed items from mammoth “All items” view . Magical sorting will predicatively show items of your interest. Finally, the like button has a purpose in GReader.

Sort by magic is not based on date/freshness of feeds but on your interest. The list is automatically sorted with your best feed items at top and dull ones at bottom.

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