Turn Off ‘People You Follow’ or Your Buzz Followers in Google Reader


Google Reader provides a nifty feature for sharing content with your friends or your buzz followers. All you need to do is click on share button, and it gets automatically posted to Buzz and to your shared Greader page.


So far it’s good, but sometimes this social feature may seem superfluous. It can distract you and can put you in unnecessary conversations. Also, for a better looking Greader, you can easily turn this off.

Turn Off “People You Follow”

To disable this social feature, go to Google reader and type the below JavaScript code in your address bar :

javascript:antisocial ('true')

Hit Enter key and you are done. Greader will reload with no ‘People You Follow’ section.

If you want this back, simply copy-paste the below JavaScript and hit enter –


Once turned-off, the setting will be saved in your account. That means until you enable it again, there will be no more social features in your Google Reader account.

(via GOS)

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