Gmail is the first email service provider that offered 1GB of storage in 2004, the time when people still used floppy disks. And now it has become worlds largest mail service provider with 900+ million users. Read more about Gmail from the Wikipedia.

In this category we write about various tricks to simplify and organize your email experience.

Gmail Read Receipt – Track when your Mails are Opened

Find out when your sent mail was opened and read in Gmail. Get tracking information by the time and device without recipient's knowledge.

Insert Google Drive Files as Attachments Not as Links in Gmail

When you attach a file from Drive in Gmail, it gets inserted as link. Now you can attach them as actual files which could be directly downloaded

Google’s April Fool Jokes – 2014

Google's divisions come up with different pranks for the April Fools' day and this year we see innovations ranging from selfies to pokemon.

Stop Mails from Random Google+ Users to Your Gmail

Prevent random people sending you mails from your Google+ Profile. They cannot see your email address, but can contact you with this new integration feature.

Get Full Screen Compose Box in Gmail

Enough of that small and cornered compose box that looks like a chat popup. Now, with the new option, you can get bigger and better full screen compose gmail.

Get Better Gmail Design Interface with Gmelius

Annoyed with design cluttered Gmail, non-clickable Google logo or those useless functionalities? Gmelius is browser addon for better improved UI or interface.

Sort and Search Gmail by Size

Wondering which mails and attachments are eating your space in Gmail? Search Gmail by size operator which is same as sort by size in outlook.

How Gmail Spam Filter Works?

The best in class has just got better. Gmail has refined its spam filtering algorithm to and made it more intutive and user friendly.

Send emails later by scheduling them with Boomerang

Want to send an email at later point of time just like outlook? Now you can achieve scheduling capabilities in gmail .

How to Permanently Remove “about the new look | send feedback” in Gmail

Annoyed by this little box at the bottom or Gmail asking you everytime to give feedback and about the new look? Remove it or rather hide it with this nifty tweak.

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