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Gmail is the first email service provider that offered 1GB of storage in 2004, the time when people still used floppy disks. And now it has become worlds largest mail service provider with 900+ million users. Read more about Gmail from the Wikipedia.

In this category we write about various tricks to simplify and organize your email experience.

How to Easily Block Annoying Senders in Gmail

Block and unsubscribe with just two clicks- This new feature by Gmail lets you block specific email addresses and unsubscribe from newsletter in a jiffy.

How to Automatically Copy Gmail Attachments to Dropbox

Either to backup your important attachments or to organize your work-space, learn how to automatically copy and save your Gmail attachments to Dropbox.

Find If You Are Being Tracked in Gmail

Know if your are being stalked in Gmail before opening your emails. Learn how to stop emails from being tracked and protect your privacy.

How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once

Overcome Gmail's ability to forward multiple emails at once with this handy extension. Club all the mails and select the recipients, that's all.

How to Revoke Your Emails in Gmail

Sending something secret? You might want to consider calling back or destroying the contents after a while. Learn how to revoke your emails in Gmail with or without any extensions.

How to Use Different Signatures in Gmail

Learn how to use different signatures in Gmail. First create multiple canned responses and then easily switch them for various types of emails.

Auto Reply to Only Certain Addresses in Gmail

Gmail's vacation responder automatically replies to everyone in your contact list. What if we want to send out-of-office to only selected people? Learn this simple trick with canned responses and filters.

How to Format Gmail Quoted Replies

Discover new formatting options on Gmail quoted replies such as deleting greater than symbol, including your signature before the quotes or repling only to a specific part with our how to guide.

Gmail Delegation – Share Your Gmail Account

You can now share to your gmail account and contacts to any other person who can read, reply and compose on your behalf effectively delegating your work load.

Gmail Read Receipt – Track when your Mails are Opened

Find out when your sent mail was opened and read in Gmail. Get tracking information by the time and device without recipient's knowledge.

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