Gmail Adds Rockstars To Differentiate Important Mails


Gmail keeps on adding new features to make a lucid environment for its users. This time it has came with RockStars. Remember, the star you use for important mails just like red flag in outlook or yahoo mail. But how to categorize these STARED mails? Rockstar is the way. I found them very useful as you can now differentiate important mails according to their condition.

But it’s still under testing hence you will find them in Labs tab under settings. Once enabled, you can rotate through new stars by clicking the star icon repeatedly.
If you have shortcuts enabled then you can do the same by hitting the “s” key consecutively.

There are more SuperStar designs available under general tab of settings. Using all the designs help you indeed but remembering them is a complicated task.

Tell me if SuperStars were helpful to you? and What type of icons you use for managing differnt mails?

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Filed under Gmail Tricks. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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