Create a Contact From the Email So Gmail Suggests it When You Type the Name

Hover and select Add to Contacts option

One of the common problems of Gmail is that it does not save email ID of the person we frequently mail. Maybe Gmail team assumes that saving contact information of all emails that we receive or send will be a long time disaster, as it will fill our contacts will unwanted information. Therefore we have to do it manually. Here is our easy guide to create contact from the email you have received, so you can just type in the name and Gmail will add the email ID.

Save Email Address of Sender in Your Contacts

Consider this situation – You want to send an email to John Doe, an acquaintance whom you have previously contacted with on email. But, as soon as you start writing John Doe in Compose box, Gmail does not suggest any associated email. So, you will have to take time to find email correspondence from John, look up his contact information, copy it and then paste it in the new message “To” field.

However, you can escape from this trouble by creating a contact from the email that John has previously sent. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Hover your cursor over the name of the recipient, it will show a contact card popup.

Step 2: Click on Add to contacts from the popup.

Hover and  select Add to Contacts option

Now you can find this contact of your email recipient in your Gmail contacts. And it will appear in Gmail’s auto suggestion box every time you start typing out the name.

composing a mail with just name

Gmail suggesting email from name

Protip: You can add a contact from the compose box itself. So, if you already know the email address, put it in the “To” field and hover over it for the Contact card to appear. Create a contact from here and email will automatically come from next you start typing name.

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That’s all. If you need to edit anything, follow the same procedure or head over to Google Contacts for changes.

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