Best 10 Gadgets for Gmail that are Damn Cool and Useful

You can substantially increase the functionality of Gmail by adding Gadgets. Gadgets also increase the productivity as you can use variety of services within single Gmail Window.

Here are the 10 best Gadgets for Gmail that you won’t find in Labs and are damn cool:

1. Find Meanings, Synonyms and Word Definitions

AskAWord-dictionary-thesaurus-gadget With this gadget, you can easily find meanings, synonyms by searching within Thesaurus, Dictionary, and Encyclopaedia without leaving Gmail. In addition, if Gmail’s Spell checker isn’t working, then you can use this gadget to find all spelling mistakes in your mail

Gadget URL:

2. Find Locations Directly with Google Map Search

google-map-gadget Quickly find locations on Google maps with the help of this Gmail Gadget. It could be particularly useful when you received IM or mail from your friend or client requesting you to reach somewhere ASAP. Alternatively, in confusion about the location of the place, this gadget is absolute for you.

Gadget URL:

3. Access All Features on Twitter inside Gmail

twitter-gadget Are you a Twitter addict? Do you want to tweet even when you are working? This Twitter Gadget provides all the functionalities (yes, updates too) within your Gmail window. What could be more exiting then working, mailing and simultaneously tweeting?

Gadget URL:

4. Manage your Task Easily with Remember the milk plugin

remember-the-milk-gadget Do you have trouble in remembering your tasks? Do you frequently forget the work for the day and couldn’t manage your jobs? Then, Remember The Milk Gmail gadget is a perfect tool for you. You can easily manage, review and postpone your tasks inside Gmail with this smart list tool.

Gadget URL –

5. Connect with Friends with Facebook Gadget

facebook-gmail-gadget With this Gadget, you can check your friend’s pics, get alerts, and do variety of things within Gmail.

Gadget URL:

6. Control Your Space with this MySpace Gadget

myspace-gadget Without opening MySpace website, you can control all your social activities like sending and receiving emails, accessing notes and much more.

Gadget URL:

7. Scrap Directly, Visit Profiles with this Orkut Gadget for Gmail

orkut-gadget For those of you who didn’t knew, Orkut is the Social networking and discussion site operated by Google. With this Orkut Gadget, you can directly access all the features right within your Gmail.

Gadget URL:

8. Get the World’s Biggest and Free Encyclopaedia inside Gmail

wiki-plugin Wikipedia is the most sought after site for generic searches beside Google. Even Google places Wikipedia articles in the first positions for most of the terms. With this Wiki Gadget, you can directly search for articles and references.

Gadget URL :

9. Get Quick Calculations inside Gmail

calculator-gadjet With this Calculator Gadget, you can do quick math inside Gmail. It has basic functions with standard interface and supports up to 12 digits.

Gadget URL:

10. Convert Long URL’s into Short Ones

bitly-gmail-gadget This Gmail gadget allows you to convert long URL’s to really short ones so that your mail doens look horrible with links. Very useful while composing uncluttered emails.

Gadget URL:

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