Stylish Orkut Fonts

Ever wondered,how people write in stylish fonts such as “шшш.gяιck$.cøм” or like “♪ thiš iš гεαllŷ ¢ΘΘl ♪

Just run these javascripts :

1. тhι$ ιz d иєw cøøl ƒøит øи øяkuт …

2. Rainbow Art

3. W®îtË în �î§ wÅy..

4. like this

6. Stylish Black Only

7 Go to this website that automatically converts text.

8. Orkut Words Generator – Orkut’s little “people alphabet”
Though these are images,not fonts but its nice to have them.
[Click Here]

Follow these steps:
1)Write your message in the scrapbook or while replying in a community2
2) Before clicking on the submit button just copy and paste one of these javascripts in the address bar (were you type and press enter.
3) You are done!

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Filed under General. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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