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Chrome is the world’s fastest browser with simplest interface by Google. In this category, we write about latest developments, tricks, extensions and usability of Chrome.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Trello Reviewed

We tested all available Trello extensions from the Chrome Store to find the best one. If you are using it, then you must add extensions for Trello to quickly add cards and perform various functions. 

Change your Default Gmail Account in Multiple Sign In

Change default Google account in Chrome without the need of logging in with different account repeatedly to shift in between different accounts

Prevent Chrome from Opening Duplicate Tabs

Prevent Chrome from opening duplicate tabs by automatically jumping to existing tab if you try to open same site or URL. Improves Chrome's performance and your productivity. 

Group your Tabs under One Tab – Extension for Easy Browsing

A handy extension for your Google Chrome to group all your open tabs under a single One Tab which saves a lot of memory and makes your Chrome faster.

Get Chrome like Tabs in Windows Explorer

Give your Windows Explorer a new look by enabling tabbed browsing and avoiding opening multiple windows. It feels like Chrome but for your files.

Fix Chrome Sluggishness and Browser Hijacks with Chrome Cleanup Tool

Remove malicious extensions and improve your Chrome performance with the official cleanup tool. Prevent yourself from browser hijacks and fix Chrome sluggishness

Create a Direct Incognito Shortcut for Chrome

Learn how to create a desktop shortcut that will open Chrome directly in incognito mode. Useful if you want a blank state without Chrome login or frequently browse privately.

Use Caret Browsing in Chrome for Enhanced Text Selection and Navigation

Navigate web pages just like you navigate word documents with text cursor. Caret browsing in Chrome makes it perfect to read long articles and make text selection for copy paste.

Increase Accessibility in Chrome

Learn how you can make Chrome more accessible with better visibility of fonts & colors. After all, Internet should be equal and accessible to all.

Quickly Mute a Tab in Chrome

Ever wanted to mute Chrome by just clicking the speaker icon on tab's name? A simple setting from Chrome Flags enables muting any tab with a single click. Try now!

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