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Chrome is the world’s fastest browser with simplest interface by Google. In this category, we write about latest developments, tricks, extensions and usability of Chrome.

Chrome Portable or Standalone ZIP – Use Chrome Without Installing

Chromium's' standalone portable ZIP is available for all devices and platforms and can be directly used without installing, even from your USB stick.

Google’s April Fool Jokes – 2014

Google's divisions come up with different pranks for the April Fools' day and this year we see innovations ranging from selfies to pokemon.

Download Chrome Extension CRX files on Your Computer

Without installing you can directly save crx file manually by downloading chrome extension from the webstore.

4 Awesome Extensions to Block Sites in Chrome

If you are easily driven away by the internet world, these Google chrome extensions will help you compose yourself and finish your work in timely manner by blocking your chosen websites.

How to Change User Agent String in Chrome

2 simple methods on how to switch the user agent on Google Chrome.

Ex-Google Employee’s Chrome Extension Lets You Read Shared Articles on Facebook without Installing Social Reader Apps

Troubled by Washington Post's, Huffington Post's, Times of India;s App on facebook to be installed before reading news articles shared by friends? Block them, bypass them or hide them by this simple Chrome extension.

Add Any Website to the Apps Home Page in Chrome

Unable to find your favorite site apps? or why install website apps from webstore gallery when they are just links? Just add any site to apps section with this nifty trick

A Better Chrome Extension Manager

Better extension manager than the inbuilt one and its easy to use too. Gives you many advantages over the regular capabilities.

Awesome New Tab Page Puts Windows Metro UI in Chrome

Beautify with awesome useful widget ready and interactive new page tab.

Find and Remove Inactive Users in your Google+ Circles

Use Uncircle plus extension for Google+ that allows you to easily find and detect lazy friends and remove inactive users or delete them from your Circles.

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