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Chrome is the world’s fastest browser with simplest interface by Google. In this category, we write about latest developments, tricks, extensions and usability of Chrome.

Instantly Save Articles, PDFs & Other Files on Chrome to the Google Cloud

Clip any web page or file you see on Google Chrome directly to your Drive and Keep accounts using these two extensions.

5 Awesome Google+ Chrome Extensions To Simplify Your Work

There are many cool Google+ Chrome extensions that you can use to get more features and optimize Google+. Here we share 5 of the best of them.

7 Handy Chrome Extensions By Google Worth Checking Out

Google is known for awesome apps, and this holds true for its Chrome extensions as well. Here we list 7 of the most helpful Chrome extensions by Google.

5 Funny Chrome Extensions To Put A Smile On Your Face

Are you bored? Checkout these 5 funny chrome extensions that will surely put a smile on your face and help you play practical jokes on your friends.

OneTab Chrome extension: Boost-up your surfing speed & make work clutter free

Manage your tabs effectively and increase your surfing speed with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension OneTab. Free and easy to install without registration

TunnelBear Makes You Browse like you’re in different country

Tunnel yourself through a secure VPN connection through TunnelBear for free in this quick guide for VPNs.

Use Chrome Extensions on Opera – Get Better Browsing Experience

More and more people are favoring Opera for Chrome as it uses same rendering engine but use less RAM. However, there was always a shortage of Opera extensions. Not anymore! You can use any Chrome extension on Opera with this simple tip.

View Source Code and Download Chrome Extension as a ZIP File

Learn how to download any extension as ZIP, view its source code and resource files without even installing it. Quite useful if you want inspiration from others extensions while making your own.

Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Learn to create custom themes for Google Chrome using ThemeBeta's web application.

Top Chrome Extensions to Customize New Tab Page [Updated for 2017]

Do more with New Tab page in Chrome through these beautiful, useful and productive extensions. You can customize them and match Chrome's New Tab to your working style.

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