How to Find Latest Version of Chrome

Google Chrome LogoThe Chrome download site does not display the latest Chrome version number and hence it is difficult to determine whether you are using the most recent one with the newest features and rectified security flaws. This is because Chrome automatically gets updated from Google servers from time to time. Therefore, Google assumes that you always have the latest version. But often this is not the case as many network administrators disable this service.

#. How to find the latest version of Chrome?

This Stable Channel of Chrome Releases tells you about the most recent version and newly included features.


This FileHippo directory maintains the log of all Chrome versions but it does not distinguish between stable versions from beta ones. However, it is great source for finding new ones and downloading older versions.

#. How to find the current version of Chrome that you are using?

update chrome steps

1) Click on the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.

2) Select ‘About Google Chrome‘ option.

3) The message box that appears will tell you the current version and the latest version if available.

‘Update server not available (error :#)’ is the most common error when one tries to find and download the latest version. The approximate causes of these errors are identified from error number and are explained here.

If you are unable to update directly from your end, then you will have to download the latest version and do manual install. This will enable the latest features and solve most of your problems.

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