Instantly Save Articles, PDFs & Other Files on Chrome to the Google Cloud

If you’re a student, a researcher, or a writer like myself, it’s safe to say that you’re constantly on the web for reading the news, exploring new ideas or just having fun procrastinating at work. Whether you want to save an informative article, an important document or just pictures of cute puppies, we have you covered. The two extensions below will help you to clip important web pages and files directly to your Google Drive & Keep accounts.

Add Notes in Keep or Drive from Any Page Directly

Save to Drive Extension

Right-click to save the image to Google Drive

It’s a pretty powerful tool to save files like images, Office documents like Word, PowerPoint, & PDFs. The extension should first be linked to your Google accounts before use. Once that’s done it’s as simple as right clicking the image or web page and selecting Save to Drive.

It’s also noted that you can choose the destination path in Google Drive by right-clicking on the extension icon next to the URL bar and selecting options. In addition to this, the extension gives you the ability to save a webpage as an image, or even an HTML file.

Save to Keep Extension

Right-click the text to save it as a note in Google Keep

While this is not as powerful as Save to Drive, it’s not meant to be. It’s for people who are looking for a simpler solution. Like the other extension, once you link your Google account, you can right-click the text or select the Keep extension icon to save it directly.

The extension also shows a pop-up once the task is completed to let you choose an appropriate label to categorize the note. One thing it does lack is the ability to color code on the fly. Hopefully, the Keep team at Google adds this feature with an update.

If you think you’re ready for something more advanced, I encourage to explore the Evernote ecosystem. It offers the best of both worlds and has advanced annotation features which will come in handy if you’re a note taker but also comes at a cost since it’s a subscription based freemium product.

Save to Drive Extension, Save to Keep Extension

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you can also add Save to Inbox which is nice and quick. I use it a lot.

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