Force Autosave On Any Website And Automatically Fill Forms Later

When we first wrote about forcefully saving passwords in Chrome, we have mentioned about a simple plugin that can make any web page to take autofill suggestions. After all, that’s exactly what I used it for before researching the other options for this piece. That’s when I released that there is so much more to this extension apart from making Chrome autosave fields on any website.

Fill Out Forms Automatically in Chrome

The extension, appropriately titled Autofill, does it all when it comes to managing autofill functions on the desktop. Learn how to use it and it has the potential to be an indispensable tool in the future.

A note to avoid confusion: Autosave is a feature found in browsers that fill the form with default value and Autofill is the name of the extension we’ll be taking a look at. Autocomplete is also another browser feature which suggests the value based on the initial characters we type.

What is Autosave?

Autosave is a time-saving feature that’s found in most modern desktop and mobile browsers that let the user save information like addresses, names and payment information securely in the browser so that the information can be accessed easily in the future. But information like credit card and other payment information is encrypted and only the last four digits are visible when accessing the autosave information.

Why Does Autosave Not Function on Some Sites?

The major reason for disabling autosave is to prevent mass account creation by botnets, and it’s found mostly on banking sites and other places where the login information is more valuable & sensitive. Another reason could be that the website was just poorly developed and autosaving wasn’t given any thought.

How To Forcefully Enable AutoSave?

Once the Autofill extension is installed from the Chrome Web Store, here’s how to set up:

1. Go to the site or registration page that doesn’t support autosave.
2. Since it’s the first time, fill up all the details manually, including checking any checkboxes or selecting any radio buttons.
3. Once you’re done, right-click anywhere on the blank side of the page and go to Autofill & select Add rules for this page.
4. This will trigger a rectangular window on top of the web page that will ask you to choose a profile. Since there are no profiles at this time, select the drop down menu and choose New to give the profile a name.
5. Finally, press the Generate Autofill Rules button. Refresh the page and the extension will automatically fill in all the information that you couldn’t do before.

Let’ Look at an Example by Images

Visit the site that lacks support and fill out info like drop-down menus and text fields

Right-click and get to add rules button

Create or choose a profile and hit generate

Here’s a Video Demonstration:

Now, to access the auto-fill information you’ve saved, right-click the lightning icon in the extensions area and select Options. Here you’ll find Form fields where to easily manage all the data that’s stored by the extension.

Once, your profile is set up, you can either double click on the form field to get the saved values for that field or you can execute the profile to automatically fill out the form.

List Of Functions Supported By The Autofill Extension:

  1. Make profiles to create autofill information for websites and other online forms.
  2. Execute a profile to automatically fill your autosave information.
  3. Prevent autosaving on certain sites by adding exceptions
  4. Execute autofill for fields like text, checkbox/radio buttons, passwords, selections & Javascript.
  5. Backup all the profiles as a CSV and restore them on another browser or machine.
  6. Automatically backup text that’s larger than a certain number of characters( user generated)
  7. Ability to mask passwords that are saved. Although, for the sake of staying secure, do avoid storing passwords to the Autofill extension.

Manage exceptions to disable autofill

Autofill settings page

That’s all. This extension is a powerhouse for saving field’s information. Not only the form values are auto-saved for future use, you can use differnt profiles to automatically fill out complete forms. If you’re in the mood for a challenge, do check out this page to memorise some basic keyboard shortcuts that’ll come in use when you morph into a frequent user managing multiple profiles.

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