How to Enable Right-Click on Websites Which Don’t Let You

While the majority of websites still allow for users to use the right-click functionality on their web pages, a small minority of sites which are in the business of banking, news publication or video streaming think that blocking the ability to right-click will stop content theft. Unfortunately, their implementation is not very creative and thus isn’t the most effective method to achieve that goal. It instead creates a frustrating experience for their users since disabling right-click will prevent users from accessing key shortcuts like Forward, Back, Search and Reload which saves a lot of mouse travel. So here’s how to definitively enable right-click on websites that block it.

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Enable Right-Clicking on Sites Where It is Disabled

There are two ways to get right-clicking to work. One is by using a line or code and the other is with the help of a Google Chrome extension.

#Use a Line of Javascript to Enable Right-Click on Websites

Step 1: Copy the following line of Javascript.


When right-click is disabled

Step 2: Paste the line in the address bar of the appropriate site and hit enter. Right-click is enabled instantly and will work without having to refresh the web page.

Right-click working after adding a line of code

For frequently visited sites where right-clicking is blocked, create a bookmark with the above code. This will help initiate the script from the bookmarks bar and save a lot of time.

Create a bookmark using the code

#Use a Chrome Extension

Another method to enable right-click on websites is to use the Chrome extension RightToCopy since it automates the previous process without creating a bookmark and has some supplementary features which weren’t addressed previously. It addition to enabling right-click, the extension also allows the user to select text, copy text and also prevent scripts from copying text to the clipboard.

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