Share Location Anonymously Without Signing-Up for An Account

The problem with most location sharing apps is they require the user to sign-up for an account and it’s usually a Google account for authentication. Otherwise, it requires the sender and recipient to use the same app like WhatsApp or Messenger to receive location data.

If you’re more privacy oriented, an app like Flare solves this issue by letting users share location anonymously to the recipient without them having to install an app or have a Google account.

This service could serve to be quite useful especially when dealing with anonymous transactions via an escrow service or meeting a person for the first time via an app like Couchsurfing.

Use Flare to Share Location Anonymously Without Creating Account

The Problem With Google Maps

Google Maps is great for sharing location with family and friends because they’re already close to us and are more likely to use Maps. This is mainly because it’s included by default on most Android devices that are bought these days.

Gooogle requires Play services and Maps application

Google has made is easier to control the duration of sharing but using this feature means adding the recipient’s email addresses or saving it as a contact. Link sharing is possible with Maps but it is not live tracking and requires the recipient to also use the Maps application.

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How Flare is Different

The concept behind the app is very simple. Flare requires only a single permission which is your location. Once it has that permission it creates a unique link that’s usable only for a single time and expires soon after. The link can be opened using any modern browser without the recipient having to install a new app or create an account.

Flare app user interface

Using The Flare App

Step 1: Launch the app and grant permission for accessing your location.

Grant location access

Step 2: Press the Play icon fab in the bottom right corner once you’re ready to share your location.

Step 3: The app generates a unique link which is shareable with the recipient and will continuously share the location till the Play button is active.

Step 4: Opening the link in any modern browser will show the sender’s location.

Step 5: To stop sharing the location press the Stop icon fab.

From left to right: steps two to five

A short demo:

Using the app

The app from there will track your location automatically and update frequently. There’s also a battery saver feature which increases the time between each update and the ability to customise the message. Of course, to truly stay off the grid, the best way would be the remove Google’s Play Services from the device since tracks its location constantly.

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