5 Best Free Android Calendar Apps You Must Try

The calendar app in your Android phone is the best way to keep up with events in your life. Any smart user will never neglect this opportunity and will take full advantage of the calendar app. If you are one of those smart users, then you might be interested in picking up the game by downloading a third-party calendar app.

Thankfully, there are many calendar apps available for Android with different features that are worth checking out. Today, we will introduce 5 free Android calendar apps to replace your default Android calendar app without breaking the bank.

1. Google Calendar

It would be a sin if I would not mention Google Calendar app in the best free Android calendar apps list. It is literally the best free calendar app you can get on your phone that is simple and feature rich at the same time. Although it is already available in some of the Android phones – including the Nexus line, but you can easily download it from the Google Play Store if it isn’t.


The interface is minimal and easy on the eyes with all your events displayed on each day. Along with events, you can create to-do lists for each day and they will be shown side by side when you will tap on a day. Some of its other notable features include, ability to automatically schedule events based on different factors, automatic suggestion of events,  it keeps tab on events in your locale and much more.

Google Calendar is especially good for you if you also depend on other Google services as it integrates very well with them; such as Gmail or Google Flights.

2. Cal Calendar

Cal Calendar has a minimal interface similar to Google Calendar and its list like scrollable design makes things easy. It works well will other calendars in your device and syncs all the entries in real-time. Thanks to the Cal Calendar widget, you can quickly get a glimpse of your daily events without even opening the app.


Its features include, voice data entry, smart event suggestions, title and description prediction, special focus on important events in your life, integration with social apps, help with event navigation using Google Maps and much more.

3. SolCalendar

If you like fancy stuff over minimal design, then SolCalendar is a perfect choice for you. SolCalendar focuses on offering beautiful interface and making sure you don’t get tired of looking at the calendar. It achieves this goal by taking advantage of different themes and thousands of stickers to mark events.


Although looking good doesn’t mean the app is dumb or lacking features. It comes with tons of advanced features and some are only unique to SolCalendar. You can take advantage of different home screen widgets to keep yourself updated, such as to-do lists, today’s view and events, etc. Interestingly it has built-in weather forecast and map integration to guide you with the events and let you know the weather in that specific area.

4. Jorte Calendar

If customization interests you, then Jorte Calendar is what you are looking for. From design to actual view of the events, Jorte offers full control over how you would like to see everything. You can customize whether the calendar should focus on tasks, events or to-dos and change the look of the calendar using different themes.


Furthermore, you can change view, use countdown feature, change calendar fonts, add photos in events, get clear view of important events, adjust first day of the week, import Evernote notes, see weather forecast and a whole lot more. All of its features are free, but you will have to buy themes and icon packs if you want to customize the look of the calendar to full extent.

5. Wave Calendar

If you are looking for something dead simple without any bells and whistles, then give Wave Calendar a try. It has a beautiful design with smooth transitions to make things comfortable. You can take advantage of multiple widgets, including a weather widget, tagging widget and a widget to add media attachments.


Wave Calendar doesn’t offer a comprehensive list of features, but it does offer most of the important ones and makes a great presentation. It can automatically invite people to events, sync data from other calendars, change calendar view and let you pick custom date and time.


As I  extensively use other Google services, I personally use Google Calendar. Although Cal Calendar can also be a great alternative to it if you want more features and same minimal design. Furthermore, keep in mind that some of these free Android calendar apps may also show ads to fund their services.

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