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5 Must Have Android Security Apps To Protect Your Android Phone

The security of your Android phone is extremely important, and thankfully there are many Android apps that can secure your phone. Here we list 5 of the best ones.

Android Phone Keeps Turning Off? Here is How To Easily Fix It

Does your Android phone keeps turning off for no particular reason? It can be a hardware or a software issue, and this article we will show you how to fix both.

5 Best Free Android Calendar Apps You Must Try

The default calendar app in your Android phone isn't good enough for your busy life? Check out these awesome 5 free Android Calendar apps to replace it.

Android Not Starting? Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Fix It

In this post we will show you how you can fix your Android phone that is not powering on or crashes/freezes while booting.

Android Phone Overheating? Here Are 10 Ways To Cool Down Your Android Phone

Whether you have a new Android phone or an old one, you should be able to fix Android phone overheating issue with these 10 tips.

5 Best Android Browsers To Enhance Your Mobile Browsing Experience

Check out the list of 5 best Android browsers. From Chrome to UC Browser, there is a browser for every one in this list.

How To Find Your Android Phone With Android Device Manager

Did you lost your Android phone? You can use the built-in Android Device Manager find your Android phone. In this post we will show you how to use it.

Access Widgets From the Notification Panel on Android

Snap Swipe Drawer easily lets you access widgets by swiping down on Android, here's how to get started.

Setup a Home Surveillance System Using Your Spare Smartphone

Do you have a spare Android phone? Well, you can use it as security camera ( in simple terms CCTV) to keep an eye on what's happening in your absence. Here is an article on simple method with the best app for the work.

Google Drive Scans Documents and Images, You Don’t Need a Separate OCR Application

A lot many users do not realize that Drive application provides inbuilt OCR document scanning in the app. Now you don't need other scanning application as Drive gets the work done.

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