Doodle4Google Contest 2015 For School Students in India

Google organizes another doodle drawing contest for school children in India. The winning doodle will be featured on Google India's home page on 19th November.

Easiest Way to Identify Soundtrack in Any YouTube Video

While there are multiple ways to identify soundtrack used in YouTube video, here is a simplest way to find which all songs were used in background right up to accuracy of seconds.

Create a Direct Incognito Shortcut for Chrome

Learn how to create a desktop shortcut that will open Chrome directly in incognito mode. Useful if you want a blank state without Chrome login or frequently browse privately.

How to Automatically Copy Gmail Attachments to Dropbox

Either to backup your important attachments or to organize your work-space, learn how to automatically copy and save your Gmail attachments to Dropbox.

Gluru – The Business Alternative of Google Now

Consider Gluru as Google Now alternative as it intelligently shows you files, contacts, emails and meetings just when you need them. It also joins all your online accounts to one single interface.

“Fun Fact” Easter Egg for Google Search

Try these new easter eggs from Google to kill your boredom. Google has started understanding what counts as smart fact and now displays them when you search for the keyword "fun fact".

Find If You Are Being Tracked in Gmail

Know if your are being stalked in Gmail before opening your emails. Learn how to stop emails from being tracked and protect your privacy.

Use Caret Browsing in Chrome for Enhanced Text Selection and Navigation

Navigate web pages just like you navigate word documents with text cursor. Caret browsing in Chrome makes it perfect to read long articles and make text selection for copy paste.

Increase Accessibility in Chrome

Learn how you can make Chrome more accessible with better visibility of fonts & colors. After all, Internet should be equal and accessible to all.

Which Banner Would You Like to See on Gtricks

Gtricks is all about Google products productivity, hence the homepage banner should also portray our mission. Help us chose which banner will be perfect for Gtricks.

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