Open Specific Gmail Accounts Directly Without Using Account Switcher

Juggling between multiple Gmail accounts? This article will teach you how to open specific Gmail accounts directly by creating distinct URLs as bookmarks.

Open Mailto Links via Your Preferred Email Provider in Google Chrome

Learn how to open mailto links (email links) directly via Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or preferred email provider in Google Chrome using this simple trick.

Track Price Drops & New Promotions of Your Favourite Android Apps

Have an app that's sitting in your wishlist because it's just a bit pricier that you'd like? This app will help you track price drops & new promotions.

Get Desktop Style Multitasking on Android & Run Multiple Floating Apps

Here's a handy app that turns any Android phone or tablet into a desktop-style taskbar interface with a start menu to multitask between many floating apps.

How to Send Articles & PDFs from Android or PC to Amazon Kindle

If you're a Kindle owner and love to read the daily news straight from a Kindle, this free app & extension will make that a reality in just a two taps.

How to Electronically Stabilise Home Videos (EIS) in Google Photos App

Google recently enabled video stabilisation for its Photos app but it's not the most conspicuous feature. Learn how to stabilise videos from the app.

How to Switch Between Different Styles of Emojis on Android

Hate the emojis that come on Samsung phones? Or maybe you like Google's old emoji style. Here's an Android app to help you change the emojis systemwide.

Download Entire YouTube Playlists on Android for Offline Viewing

Going on a road trip or taking a long flight? Here's a reliable method to download an entire YouTube playlists in just a few taps.

How to Quickly Manage & View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

Want to see your active password without resetting it? Learn how to view saved passwords, manage password sync and delete them on Google Chrome.

Roundup of Tips to Improve Your Google Play Store Experience

If you're into apps, here's a roundup of tips to improve the Google Play Store experience and recommendations to get around common annoyances.

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