Use Caret Browsing in Chrome for Enhanced Text Selection and Navigation

Navigate web pages just like you navigate word documents with text cursor. Caret browsing in Chrome makes it perfect to read long articles and make text selection for copy paste.

Increase Accessibility in Chrome

Learn how you can make Chrome more accessible with better visibility of fonts & colors. After all, Internet should be equal and accessible to all.

Which Banner Would You Like to See on Gtricks

Gtricks is all about Google products productivity, hence the homepage banner should also portray our mission. Help us chose which banner will be perfect for Gtricks.

How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once

Overcome Gmail's ability to forward multiple emails at once with this handy extension. Club all the mails and select the recipients, that's all.

Use Indian Languages on Android

Form plethora of typing apps, we did a small research to find the best apps to type Indian languages on Android. Our section criteria being performance, UI and customization.

How to Revoke Your Emails in Gmail

Sending something secret? You might want to consider calling back or destroying the contents after a while. Learn how to revoke your emails in Gmail with or without any extensions.

YouTube Search Operators

Everyone wants effective search results, but only some get it. Become a pro by mastering these YouTube search operators.

Access Drive Documents Inside MS Office Apps

Lean to open, edit and save files directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A better way to integrate Google Drive with Office apart from synchronizing local files to Drive.

How to Use Different Signatures in Gmail

Learn how to use different signatures in Gmail. First create multiple canned responses and then easily switch them for various types of emails.

Auto Reply to Only Certain Addresses in Gmail

Gmail's vacation responder automatically replies to everyone in your contact list. What if we want to send out-of-office to only selected people? Learn this simple trick with canned responses and filters.

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