Change Subject Line When Replying in Gmail

Learn to change subject line while replying or forwarding in Gmail, so your old conversation remains intact but the topic gets changed.

8 Ways Your Google is Changing with Star Wars

Google launched a series of new Star Wars Easter eggs across a range of Google products in the wake of the upcoming version of Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Prevent Chrome from Opening Duplicate Tabs

Prevent Chrome from opening duplicate tabs by automatically jumping to existing tab if you try to open same site or URL. Improves Chrome's performance and your productivity. 

Group your Tabs under One Tab – Extension for Easy Browsing

A handy extension for your Google Chrome to group all your open tabs under a single One Tab which saves a lot of memory and makes your Chrome faster.

Get Chrome like Tabs in Windows Explorer

Give your Windows Explorer a new look by enabling tabbed browsing and avoiding opening multiple windows. It feels like Chrome but for your files.

Know What Google Knows About You

A list of useful links to check what data you are giving to Google and learn how to manage what Google knows about you.

How to Use Gmail to create cards in Trello?

Create cards in Trello with the Emails received in Gmail directly and update the task to your team without going and creating a card in your workspace.

Merge Multiple PDF Files Easily in Google Drive

Easily merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file using PDF Mergy, an online PDF merger tool, free of cost and user-friendly for Google Drive

How To Instruct Your Google Account What To Do After You Die?

Google's Inactive Account Manager allows you to delete or pass on your data to your trusted sources after you stop using your account for a period of time.

How to Link Previous Pages or Paragraphs in Google Docs

Create a anchor point for your readers when you want them to navigate to any previous page or paragraph without using scroll bar. Also use this technique to add "Back to Top" link in Google Docs.

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